Meeting with YFU Sweden

Yesterday I went down to Stockholm for the first time since last summer. It was also the first time in a year I was able to ride a train. I also found a cheaper and shorter way to get there than before. It was good. The price with SJ (the government owned company) was $11 one-way. With the Stockholm commuter train it cost around $9 one-way, but then I didn't have to ride the subway to YFU, the train stopped just a couple of blocks from the office.
However, when I came there, there were only couple of students there and a few volunteers. A few people came later, and I think we ended up being nine students, five returning students (three from America and two from Europe) and three or four students that are leaving in a month. We were four guys from Uppsala, which was pretty cool. One of them was a student at my school. Another guy thought he was going to Colorado, they were just waiting on the school to accept him. I told him Colorado is the best state in the country! Who knows, it might be Fossil Ridge he is going to?
This was also the day I realized that my exchange year didn't stop just because I went back home to Sweden. There are sooooo many opportunities to take after the year is over! I signed up to be a volunteer and work with campaigns to find new host families. Former students can also apply to work/volunteer at another YFU office all over the world, how cool isn't that? They also told us Sweden is the fourth largest YFU-organization to have students coming in to the country next to USA, Germany and France. This year was a record year with ninety students coming in August, 70  Swedish students are leaving Sweden to study abroad next month.
This is Vasastan (the Vasa City, named after the king Gustav Vasa), where YFU Sweden has its office


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