Sing-a-long @ Skansen

Today is Tuesday and another rainy day. I worked till 3PM and came back home and talked on Skype with my friend Rebecka, who is an au-pair in New York this year. She arrived two days after I left America, but we got to see each other before she left. I'm so jealous, she is experiencing all the fun stuff I did last year. I like to travel, see new parts of our world. I think it's interesting. Anyways, I'm glad for her that she lives in a good family.

Now to what I wanted to write. Every summer the public television company, SVT (Swedish Television) has a show called 'Sing-a-long at Skansen', which is kind of a open-air concert on Djurgården outside Stockholm in a zoo. They have one show every Tuesday in the summer and today was the first time this summer. It was crowded, as usual. There are always over 10 000 people standing i the audience and most people have small books with traditional songs that artists can choose to sing. Then they go out in the audience to let people sing a part of the song in the microphone. Sometimes they can be good, but sometimes not... I was there last year one time. It was cool and here are some photos from back then (date and time are not correct...):

Here is funny clip from the show seven years ago with an artist called Carola. Sometimes she can be a little crazy, like this time. She just threw a plant out in the audience. I felt sorry for that woman in pink that got it all over her.

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jag ska till Colorado snart som utbytesstudent och oroar mig lite för bränderna som är där nu.. Vet du hur farligt det är? Kan liksom inte hitta någonstans där jag kan läsa om det..

Tack på förhand :)

2012-06-30 @ 21:20:33

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