A New Chapter in My Life

My exchange year in an American high school is over and it was way better than I could ever imagine!! I'm thankful for all the people that made my ten months in Colorado the best ones!

I came back to Sweden last Saturday. It was rainy and cold - the opposite of Colorado wheather! The first couple of days were hard. Everything was so different. It was easier to say goodbye in August last year to my family and friends than now. I knew that I was going to see all my Swedish relatives ten months later, but when will I see my American family and friends? I tried not to think about it before I left Colorado, but now it hit me. I'm glad I have Facebook and Skype, it helps a lot!

I have now been in Sweden for over a week and my jet-lag is gone and I feel that I'm up to date with everything around me. The candy has been more expensive though, I get so mad when I see all the prices. Where does all the money go? However, it was weird to use Swedish money again, I mean, no coins! Another new thing is all the codes I have to learn again to my credit cards. In Sweden, we use a four-didget-number when we pay with our credit cards. I guess it's more safe that way?

Two more months to go before school starts again. Senior year. Finally. I'm stoked! It's going to be awesome!

I have decided to keep this blog, even though I am not an exchange student anymore. I keep it to update my American family and friends with things I'm doing in Sweden. There are many differences between our countries - I promise! Therefore, I will write all my posts in English.

Let's begin, what have I done since I arrived at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm last week? I have met my family and many friends. I have worked one week at the pool as a swim instructor. It's fun, but exhausting! On Friday we celebrated Midsummer, when the sun is shining the longest time of the year. I actually went down to the May pole we have in our neighborhood, but left after a couple minutes, because it was crowded and the actual celebration was over. If you want to see a real Midsummer celebration, you should go to Dalarna, a part famous for their painted wood-horses called 'Dalahäst' and different sausages (especially the most famous one, 'Falukorv').

Another very Swedish thing is that Uppsala got its third H&M-store last year - next to IKEA! Very Swedish.

I have also noticed many things I never saw before I left Sweden in August last year. Swedish people can be very... rude. Like this time a couple of days ago. A man and his child were going to pass me, but I had move from where I stood and worked because they couldn't pass me if I wouldn't move. I said "sorry", in America the other person would say "oh, it's okay", or maybe even "I'm sorry". This man didn't say a word and just looked irritated. I mean he could have taken another way, I was there before him! I'm such a whiner. Another thing is that there are Volvo and SAAB-cars everywhere. I'm not kidding. They are everywhere. I knew they were common, but not that common.

Finally for all my Colorado-readers, I heard you got rain in Fort Collins today (Monday), good news! I hope the whole fire will be contained soon (and all the other ones in the state)!

This song is so far my favorite Swedish song since last Saturday. The group is from Uppsala (my hometown) and the song is called Disguisting by The Face.


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